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20090407-Top of the Dome-IMG_593020090310-Geo. Washington-DSC_357720090407-Top of the Dome-IMG_593420090407-Top of the Dome-IMG_593620090407-Top of the Dome-IMG_593520090407-Top of the Dome-IMG_593720090407-Top of the Dome-IMG_593820090407-Top of the Dome-IMG_5938_resize20090407-Top of the Dome-IMG_594020090407-Top of the Dome-IMG_593920090407-Top of the Dome-IMG_594120090407-Top of the Dome-IMG_594220090407-Top of the Dome-IMG_594320090407-Top of the Dome-IMG_594420090407-Top of the Dome-IMG_594520090407-Top of the Dome-IMG_594620090407-Top of the Dome-IMG_594720090407-Top of the Dome-IMG_594820090407-Top of the Dome-IMG_594920090407-Top of the Dome-IMG_5950