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_DSC0622 Sen Fraser - Gov Ido -Gov Inslee - Trudi Inslee_DSC0624 exec residence_DSC0625 Gov Ido signs visitor book at residence_DSC0630 Gov Ido signs visitor book_DSC0632 copy_DSC0633 exec res ballroom_DSC0634 Inslee and Spellman_DSC0638 Gov Lowry - Gov Spellman - Gov Inslee - LT Gov Owen_DSC0640 Lowry - Spellman - Inslee - Owen_DSC0642 Owen - Spellman - Inslee_DSC0646 Owen - Spellman_DSC0650 copy_DSC0653 copy_DSC0655 copy_DSC0657copy_DSC0660 copy_DSC0666 copy_DSC0667 Lowry_DSC0669 copy_DSC0671 copy